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Friday, November 25, 2005

Just a Walk

We went for a walk in a local park today. During the "off-season", some of the park roads that traverse steep hills and weave in between thick woods are closed. Closed roads meant that we could stroll on yesterday's layer of snow without cars racing by, without the roar of snow plows and salt trucks. Our breathing deepened just a bit. We spotted a bird, an American Kestrel my husband tells me, and stopped to admire it through the binoculars. We watched three white-tailed does stand atop a hill waiting for us to pass before making their way down to a stream for a drink. We listened to a woodpecker tapping on a tree somewhere out of sight. We exchanged pleasantries with a threesome walking arm in arm up the hill. We tried to identify some berries that had outgrown the boundary of the forest and spilled onto the road. We wondered about the animal that left tracks crisscrossing the road.

I guess you could say that we celebrated Buy Nothing Day with the simple gifts of nature on an empty road.


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