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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Demand Answers: Sign the Letter to Starbucks

I said in my last post that citizens are seeking to interact with corporations in ways other than the traditional consumer-supplier relationship. Shareholder activism, lobbying for changes to corporate law to permit (require?!) corporations to consider a triple bottom line, conscientious purchasing decisions, shopping local...and even meetings with global corporations to discuss whether their commitment to Fair Trade and social responsibility is as strong as their marketing department would have us believe. Green LA Girl has organized a meeting with representatives from Starbucks to discuss how the chain has failed the Starbucks Challenge over and over again. At the meeting, she will present the folks from the corporate social responsibility division of Starbucks with this letter demanding answers to some of the questions that the challenge has raised. This is your chance to make your voice heard. We may do lots of complaining about the unbridled power of corporations, but we've also got to be willing to sit down at the table with them. Consumers have more power than we know - let's use it! Please sign the letter at Green LA Girl or City Hippy today.


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