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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sun. Period.

I should be wrapping my wine glasses in newspaper (procured for free from the local co-op supermarket) and packing them gently in wine boxes (also free, from the local liquor store) because we're moving next Wednesday! But today is the first day in about ten days that the sun is shining in New England, and we just had to get outside to soak it up. There's nothing like a hardy dose of nature sprinkled with a romping dog, a cooing baby in her jogging stroller, a husband gazing at orioles and warblers through his binoculars, and blooming lilacs to get the blood flowing. It cleary was not a waste of time. But now that we're home and the Bean is napping and the husband is pouring over Sibley's, I really ought to return to packing. We head to a temporary apartment for a month before closing on our house at the end of June. Last night, I spent a few minutes surfing local harvest while enjoying a glass of wine (hey, I am supposed to be enjoying this time before my new job starts, right?). I'm so excited about all of the local food possibilities close to our new home. There are farms with sustainably raised poultry (for the hubby), free-range organic eggs, and plenty of farmers' markets. We really hope to be able to participate in one of those farmers' markets in the future. In the meantime, it's so exciting to scout out great local food options and dream about our garden plans. We're also rereading This Organic Life for some inspiration. In between getting our vitamin D fix while we can.


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