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Sunday, June 04, 2006

City Life

We finally have internet access again! I was starting to feel really out of touch. We made The Move to Pennsylvania last week, and are getting settled in our temporary apartment in the city. Of course, we're dying to get into our new house. But in the meantime we're exploring the city of Philadelphia, and I'm getting used to my new job. A quick run-down of random tidbits from the last couple of weeks:

  • There are some great energy efficient appliances out there. Sure, some of them are a little bit more expensive than the conventional alternatives. But we decided that purchasing an Energy Star front-load washer and refrigerator for our new home was a sound decision for the long-term health of our planet. (Consider this: Energy Star refrigerators use half as much energy as models manufactured before 1993.) We learned that Energy Star doesn't rate dryers because most use a similar amount of energy. So I'll have to finally buy a clothes line and drying rack.
  • There are more vegetarian restaurants in Philly than Boston. Within walking distance, we've noticed a veggie Chinese restaurant, and we've tried a vegetarian falafel place that may just become a staple for the next month.
  • It's easy to get produce from local farmers in the city at the Reading Terminal Market. This has been my favorite part of city life! This urban indoor farmers' market is a Philly institution for good reason. There are so many vendors with prepared foods and plenty of farms from the Pennsylvania Dutch country. I've grabbed lunch there a few times, and we bought some asparagus and peas from an Amish family. I saw a stand selling local, organic, free-range eggs too. That's our next stop.

EDITED to add: Looks like Philly is #4 on SustainLane's sustainability index for cities. I never would have guessed before moving here!

Well, off to try to tick off some of the to-do items on the long list This moving stuff is hard work!


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