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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Quick Round-up

Last week I finally found time to do a long post that was a round-up of what has been going on around here. Unfortunately, blogger had other plans for the post, and I lost it. Drat! Here's the abbreviated version of life in the Ardent Eden household:

  • We're still living like transients. We move into our new house in two weeks. Until then, we're in our temporary city apartment. I've been enjoying making a pit stop at the Reading Terminal Market after work for some fresh produce before coming home. Why doesn't every city have a permanent farmers market like this? There's one stand in particular that I enjoy: The Fair Food Farmstead. The farmstand is a project of the White Dog Cafe Foundation, which is the non-profit arm of the venerable local and organic restaurant here in Philly called White Dog Cafe. The farmstand brings together produce from local farms in one place. We've had juicy strawberries, crunchy snowpeas, shelling peas that make perfect puree for the Bean, and tender stalks of asparagus. On Thursday night, I stopped at the market and stumbled upon a local strawberry tasting complete with free samples of strawberry white sangria made with Blue Mountain local wine. While the white dessert wine was too sweet for my taste for plain sipping, it was just perfect for mixing up with fresh strawberries, lemonade and a little ginger ale for a summer punch. Yum!
  • We've been researching, sketching, and dreaming about our garden plans for the new house. Thankfully, the sellers are gardeners who have worked a little bit of the soil and have established compost bins. They also kindly allowed us to drop by last weekend to plant some tomatoes, zuchhini and collards. We just couldn't stand being in the house all summer without any garden fresh produce, and waiting until we moved in would have been pushing it for planting tomatoes. The sellers even offered to water for us until we move in. Aren't gardeners the kindest folks? ;) Now we're researching fruit trees to plant this fall. We want to have sour cherries, apples, pears, and peaches, if possible. The two acres are surprisingly spacious. We just need to figure out how best to use the space. Any suggestions on varieties that do well when grown without spraying are most welcome!
  • The Bean continues to be a peach. She's eating her homemade food like a pro. Right now, I'm simmering some lentils and zukes to puree for her.

I'll be able to post more regularly once we move and have our home computer set up. It's been a challenge!


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