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Monday, July 24, 2006

After 5 days away...

...the basil looks divine:

And the zucchini keep getting bigger. We also picked our first tomatoes of the season and a bowl of the most intensely flavorful blackberries. The weeds and Japanese beetles were also busy while we were out of town. We're pretty beat from the car trip today, but we weeded from the time we put the Bean down for bed until the sun went down to try to make a dent.

I also wanted to share a photo of the lovely and creative produce bag I received from Melissa at The Color Green. I can't wait to fill it at the farmers' market. The first time I took my canvas bags to the grocery store in town, I was greeted with a completely blank look from the teenage boy packing my groceries. I promptly reported to Matt that the grocery shoppers in Boston were much more tuned in to the simple practice of bringing their own bags. So the next time I went into the store with my huge canvas bag and a few smaller ones, I was prepared for a similar reaction from the teenager bagging that day. Instead, he exclaimed "cool bag!" and the checkout girl said that "everyone" was using them that day. Somehow I think she was exaggerating given the number of people I saw walking out with paper bags inside double plastic bags. I have to keep working on making sure that I have my reusable tools (canvas bags, cloth napkins, coffee mug and travel mug) with me when I need them.


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