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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Homestead Happenings

Today marks our second week as homeowners. Amid the 90+ degree heat, we've gotten the family room painted, (some) furniture purchased and finally straightened out our cable internet access issues. It's been amazing to look out at our two acres and think about the possibilities. We have a lot to learn about caring for the land and our house. We want to become much more self-sufficient. It's slowly starting to settle down around here so we can get back to our place on the path. I have to constantly remind myself that we're on a journey, not a race. There's time to set up our household, plan the gardens and generally try to save the world (just kidding....sort of). It's funny: when I sit down to write about it, I feel overwhelmed with ideas. It's difficult to sort through my thoughts and impose some sort of order to the internal chaos. It's even harder to slow down and be mindful of the task at hand - whatever that may be- rather than trying to check another item off the to-do list.

Today was nice though. We had some breakfast, and worked on getting the office and computer set up. I then headed off to the local grocery store and got lost in the cavernous aisles. Does anyone need 5 shelves worth of barbecue sauce? Is anything local and/or organic? Add writing a letter to the store manager to that list of things to do.

While my Mom was playing with the Bean this afternoon, I set to work making a Pennsylvania-Dutch coleslaw for dinner with the remaining 1/4 head of monster cabbage I bought at a farmers market in Lancaster on the 4th of July (organic and just $1.50 -- this head of cabbage had fed many people at many meals). I tried to be mindful of each task, and it didn't seem like work at all. (I love cooking, but I don't like cramming it in among a million other activities). Next I prepared some zuchhinis stuffed with a mixture of spinach, ricotta and fresh herbs. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law and nephew were coming for dinner, so I wanted to do something a little more special than usual. I made some tomato sauce to spoon over the stuffed zukes, and fettucine with lemon cream sauce. We had a lovely meal with good company, and scrumptious chocolate peanut butter brownies baked by my sister-in-law for dessert. It was just what I needed to quell the inner treadmill effect. Tomorrow's another day.


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