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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

R & R

Our family is in need of a little respite from the pace we've been keeping. Tomorrow evening we're going to travel up to Maine for a visit with family in a lovely cottage on the water. I'm looking forward to some of the free therapy that Mother Nature offers!

Oh, and getting out of the triple digit heat for a couple days won't be bad either. Our house has central A/C, but it hasn't been on since the day we closed. I grew up in a brick house that was surrounded by mature trees and had ceiling fans in the bedrooms. We didn't have A/C, and we didn't miss it. Matt's family had A/C but seldom used it. I figure that if I made it through last August's heat while 9 months pregnant, I can hack a few sticky nights now! Our bedroom does have a ceiling fan, and the family room has two of them. They really do help. We set up a standing fan for the Bean's room and bought a small baby pool for her to splash around in to beat the heat. After she's done, we just collect the water into our watering cans to give the plants a drink.

I'm off to finish packing, put my wineglass in the dishwasher and hope that the thunderstorm knocked a couple of degrees off the temperature in the bedroom.

Photos: black-eyed susans and day lillies post-bloom in one of our front beds and the zuchhini plants that could feed the world

More after Maine...


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